Book-of-the-month Challenge

IMG_0314Every month I will draw an envelope from this TBR mailbox. Each envelope is color coded: IMG_0307Pink is for YA (Young Adult)
IMG_0305Yellow is for MG (Middle Grade)


Blank or plain is for Adult

Each envelope has a certain genre written on them– Romance, Dystopia, Sci-Fi, etc. Inside each envelope are cards with certain challenges– book with male protagonist, book set in paris, book with superheroes. I shuffled the cards and put them randomly in the envelopes. Every month, I will draw one envelope from the mailbox and I need to find a book that fits the description of the envelope and the card. For example if I pick yellow envelope with the genre fantasy is written on it, and inside is a card that says, “book with male protagonist,” it means I need to find an MG fantasy book with a male protagonist. My limit is the only book on my bookshelves. I am not allowed to go out and get them from the library. This way, I will have time to read books who might have been forgotten by me. I also have only one month to finish the book, and I will post the reviews here on my blog.


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