The Best of 2016

2016. What can we say about 2016 now that it is ending? I believe it’s better if we just don’t describe it, so let’s put all those superlatives back in our heads and see what are some of the many things that give us reasons to say that 2016 isn’t that bad.


The Best Book


First, we need to acknowledge why Sir John Corey Whaley winning is a big deal. Authors like Miss Morgan Matson and Miss Sarah J. Maas– authors that make me scream like a kid in a candy store with a $100 gift card in hand– published their books this year. But Sir John Corey Whaley delivered and wrote a masterpiece like he had never written before. I had little expectations from this book because I wasn’t a big fan of Where Things Come Back, but Highly Illogical Behavior is a fun read that talks about profound and relevant issues that people are afraid to talk about nowadays. If I were you, I would buy multiple copies of this book and give them to the people I love, because the world needs this book.

The Best Graphic Novel


There is no arguing that Miss Raina Telgemeier is the rockstar of Children’s Literature. Now, why is this the best graphic novel and not those flashy DC and Marvel comics (and trust me, I love reading them too)? The reason is that sometimes simplicity is what we all need to tug a heartstring. Finding a home, friendship, and love in the most unexpected place; Miss Raina Telgemeier has managed to put those inside this graphic novel that will surely find a special place in your heart.

The Best Picture Book 


You can say that it is almost unfair to put Last Stop on Market Street here since it already has tons of awards. Not to mention, it came out a long time ago. But every time I read this masterpiece, the world becomes a better place. It feels like there is some kind of filter on my eyes that causes me to see the world in a darker hue, then this book has that power to remove that filter. Last Stop on Market Street will make us all realize that we are all CJs and that we have Nanas all around us, but we always fail to listen to them, because we are so busy criticizing the world.


The Best Song


I Believe in You by Michael Bublé

It has been an inside joke that you can always find Mr. Bublé’s album inside cafés and retirement homes. In other words, if the place is relaxing, there is a high chance that that place plays his music. Sounds boring, but his song like I Believe in You proves that he can also be fun and entertaining while maintaining that relaxing vibe and sexy tone that I think no one can never ever replicate.

The Best Single


If you know me, you probably see this song coming. What I love about Taylor Swift songs are they tell stories. They’re like books that you can finish in about 3-5mins. The best part is you are one of the main characters. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever tells a story of a couple who seems to get tired of fighting all the time, but now that they are far away from each other, they realize how much they need each other. Taylor Swift just saved 2016 from being one of the worst years ever.

The Best Extended Player 


Yes, EDM has already made a mark in the music industry. I am so happy that even the ones who are not gifted when it comes to singing (but still gifted musically in some ways) can find their own limelight. It’s heartwarming that there is music that was created to make you feel something that will get you moving. The Chainsmokers proves that music is for everyone.

The Best Album


Charlie Puth just proudly waved the flag of Millenials with his Nine Track Mind album. Many people tend to see Millenials as youngsters who don’t know anything other than to have fun and be reckless. But Charlie’s album reminds everyone that Millenials can fall in love, get hurt, and move on. I can almost say that he tells the story of everyone who is still trying to find their place in this world.

On Screen Media

The Best TV Show 


I don’t like watching TV. I am not a big TV person, but there’s always one thing that will make you break your own rule, right? And that for me is the Shadowhunters. A diverse cast, heartbreaking plot, rollercoaster of emotions. What more can you ask for? It is funny how you can relate more to these characters than the people in the real world. It only means that we are all well represented in this TV show.

The Best Movie 


Never in my entire life that I have seen a film as beautiful as this. It shows a simple but deep and meaningful message. Words are not enough to describe how beautiful this masterpiece is, so I suggest that you watch it. Remember that this is not just about a bunny trying to be a police officer.