The Long Hiatus: What Happened After Graduation

Whenever a day passes by and I don’t have a blog post, my heart breaks a little.

But trust me, my life has been a rollercoaster ride ever since my last semester as a Creative Writing student started. Yes, the semester was very busy, but it started shaking my world a couple of weeks before the semester ended.

I had fallen in love before the semester ended. I wish I could go into details, but it is just too painful. All I can say is it ended badly.

After the semester, I have managed to be a part of a circle of writers, and I have never been happy, because I do have some friends who critique my work, but they critique it as readers, and sometimes I feel like their reviews are not enough.

This summer is also my last summer where I can read without worrying about deadlines and writing due dates.

When it comes to health, I’ve gained a lot of weight, because of my packed schedule as a student. I would be in school the whole day reading works from other students and writing reviews for those works. For me to conserve my time on campus, all my classes had only 15 minutes interval. In other words, after class, I needed to run to the next class.

So from 180lbs, I became 208lbs.

Now, I am very thankful that I am running again every morning, playing tennis with friends, and I am also planning on learning martial arts and archery.

When it comes to friends, I am happy that I can still balance it with my life as a writer, but these past few months, I’ve been scared that my best friends are drifting away from me. One is I am rarely in touch with while the other always manages to cancel our plans last minute whenever we plan to hang out, and if ever we are hanging out, I feel like I am just on the sideline. Her attention is somewhere else. She’s doing something else while she attempts to talk to me on the side. Should I keep trying if that person is making me feel like she no longer wants me around?

This is my last summer as a student. I hope it can be as magical as my other summers. I pray that I can find a glimmer of light that says everything will be okay.


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