The Sarah Dessen Writers

So did you watch the video? No? Come back after you do. 

You’ve seen it? Now, tell me, miss Dessen is like meant to be a YA writer, right? However, if you watch her other videos, especially the one where she tells how she gets into writing YA, you’ll find out that it was not the market that she was aiming for. She said that she didn’t want to write YA.

This post is not about hating miss Dessen. If you already know me, I am obsess with her books. I’ll buy them the moment they hit the shelves, and you’ll see how miss Dessen now loves the YA community, and she knew it was her destiny all along.

What I am trying to say here is there are aspiring writers right now who are like miss Sarah Dessen. How?

I’ve been in the creative writing program of California State University of Northridge for almost a year now. This semester I am enrolled in a narrative writing class. On the first day of class, we introduced ourselves by saying our names and the genre that we write. Sadly, I was the only YA writer there. Even the the professor said she had not read any YA.

The class is halfway the semester now. We have been critiquing each other’s work of fiction. And you know what I’ve noticed? Most of my classmates are writing stories where the main character is a child or a teenager.

I guess there are writers out there who are like miss Dessen– they claim not wanting to write YA, but once they experience the beauty and magic of the YA community, they will be more than glad to be a YA writer.

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