Most Anticipated Books of September 2015

Summer is ending. What a bummer. 

But I don’t see that as an excuse to stop reading books. I know school is coming, but here are the 6 books that are coming out this September that I want on my hands right now. I will arrange them in order of release dates.

  • Click the book for the synopsis.
  • The release dates of this books might be pushed back from the day I publish this post.  

 Queen of Shadows by miss Sarah J. Maas

September 1  

18006496Seriously! If you are not reading this series, you are missing a lot of stuff. This series is full of action, romance, and vibrant characters that will surely find a special space in your heart. 

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by miss Jennifer E. Smith 

September 1 

23369370Miss Smith write books that are very simple, yet full of colorful emotion that will surely hit you. What intrigues me the most is the story of this book all happens in just one day. Miss Smith’s books tend to be slow, but they are very addicting. 

Stand-Off by sir Andrew Smith 

September 8 

20662291I actually regret reading the first book of this series really early this year, because after finishing that book, I had this sudden urge to spaz like a crazy hyena in my reading room if I did not get the book immediately. The main character of this book gives a genuine voice of a teenager. It is full of laugh out loud moments, but the book actually tackles a very important issue. 

Sweet Temptation by miss Wendy Higgins 

September 8 

22428712Fourth book of the Sweet Series! I don’t really like angel books, but this series is one of the exceptions. Miss Higgins knows how to write romantic scenes and the mythology of this book is very addicting. 

What We Saw by sir Aaron Hartzler

September 22 

20922826Rape is one of the most serious issues in the YA genre. Ever since I read the preview of this book from the YAllWest sampler, I’ve become very excited to read the full book. Sir Hartzler‘s debut Rapture Practice gave me the experience what it is like to be inside the book because the characters are so relatable. I am hoping to actually get the same experience. 

Six of Crows by miss Leigh Bardugo 

September 29 

23437156Magic and action. Are you ready for that? This book is set in the same world in The Grisha Trilogy, so how cool is that? It means if you are not ready to leave the Grisha world yet, then this is the perfect book for you.