Paper Towns is not a Paper Movie: Paper Towns Movie Review

As I type this, my mouse pointer is in the other window hovering the buy button above the Paper Towns soundtrack album cover. Even though I am a John Green fan, I’ve never thought I would find myself obsess with the movie Paper Towns, because my expectations for the movie was beyond low, and there are reasons for that, but, boy, the movie made me regret setting a low bar. 

6442769When I enter the movie theater, the familiar scent of butter and kernel hit my system. I set myself in the middle of the theater. The movie started with sir John Green thanking everyone who made the movie possible. I gave him a thumbs up. I was excited, but a nervous breathe escaped my lips accompanied with the words “let’s see how this goes.” 


946a79c8e1e1a68d68d71b9fe69c046fOne of my biggest concerns in the movie was Cara Delevigne. Yes, she is very beautiful, but I just didn’t see her as Margo. I see Margo as a girl who can fade into the background with her mysterious attitude. I didn’t think Cara could do it, but she proved me wrong. Cara gave Margo’s character the power that sir John Green put in the book. The way Cara interacts with the setting and other characters gives the feeling of she knows everything about herself, but it is only all a facade. Margo doesn’t know who she is.

Q, Ben, and Radar  paper towns -

One of the reasons I fell in love with the book Paper Towns is the portrayal of friendship between Q, Radar, and Ben. I was scared that the actors would not give all the characters justice. I also thought that even though they picked good actors, the chemistry was the main ingredient to make the movie work. The movie, however, did a magical job of showing the trio’s deep friendship. The movie introduced Radar and Ben with what you needed to know about them– Radar and his parents’ black Santa Claus collection, and the Bloody Ben rumor about Ben– and then the actors gave the rest of character development through dialogue and scenes. Ben is very memorable in the book and I adore him a lot, and I give the movie my biggest kudos for making Ben a memorable character on screen too. Ben will charm you with his hormone driven dialogues. He is a true image of a teenager, but at the same time, he is still very unique. 

Faithfulness to The Book 

books_arrow_film_reelIs the movie faithful to the book? Not entirely, but what movie is 100% faithful to the book, right? There are changes in the movie. Some scenes are tweaked a little bit, but it still follows the plot. You’ll also see that those changes fit perfectly in the film.

Is the Movie Worth Seeing? 

Definitely! it’s a 10/10 movie. The movie perfectly gives the “people fall in love with the idea of someone” message. Even of you have or have not read the book, what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest movie theater now!  


One thought on “Paper Towns is not a Paper Movie: Paper Towns Movie Review

  1. Eva says:

    Cara is literally my spirit animal! love her! it’s great to hear you say she nailed it! Now I can’t wait to see the movie! great review 🙂


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