Winner of My 1st Summer Giveaway + Another big Giveaway: Click Here to Join

Summer is full of fun and magic, so another way of making it more magical is reading a fantasy book. I guess it is only fair to share the magic with you, guys, by giving away the first book of The Elemental Trilogy: Elemental by sir Antony John. According to sir James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner, the book is…

“Completely gripping and full of intrigue, revelation, mystery and suspense. I highly recommend this book.” 

I know you are dying to know if you are the winner, but hold your horses. First, here are the entries for the giveaway. And yes, you got 2 entries if you like the Facebook and Instagram posts together.  

I guess it’s in my nature to give some things a little twist, so I decided to do the raffle Hunger Games style. 

IMG_0336I put all the entries in this plastic jar and picked 6 names. Here they are: IMG_0337I only have one book to give away, so I put them back inside the plastic jar. IMG_0338I want to keep the suspense alive (like a real writer), so let’s draw 3 entries from the 6.IMG_0339Here’s the magic 3. Is your entry still in there? Let’s draw the final winner. IMG_0340Who is it gonna be? Okay, here it goes. IMG_0342Congratulations! You’ll receive your price as soon as possible. If you are not the winner, don’t be discourage. I have another giveaway coming, so keep scrolling if you want to join. 



Want to win this book? 23437156

Oh, wait. That’s boring. Just one book?

Want to win both of these books? Both on Hardcover. Now we’re talking. 


(Click for synopsis)


(Click for synopsis)

Here are some ways to win both of those books. Yes I will only pick one winner, so pay attention. 

  • Like and hit the share button of this post on my Facebook account. (Equivalent of 1 entry)  
  • Share this on twitter. Don’t forget to tag me @Fearless_Kurt (Equivalent of 1 entry)
  • Like and repost my Instagram post about this give away and tag me. (equivalent of 1 entry)

Deadline of this giveaway is September 4. Winner will be announced on September 6.  



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