The Divergent Review of The insurgent Movie


If you saw my Facebook post about my reaction after I’d watched the Insurgent movie, you might think this is a rant of an angry fanboy, but I promise this is a review that will make you prepared what to see in order to enjoy the movie whether you’ve read the book or not. 

If I just want to be honest, it will look like I hate the Divergent Trilogy. And that is not true. So instead of using candor alone, I will write the review divided in five factions. 


What will make you happy? 

If you have not read the book, you are in for a good ride, because the movie does not stay faithful to the book, but that’s okay, because the movie will unravel the whole world of Divergent piece by piece like a new experience, and trust me, the visual effects and the action scenes are purely brilliant. Even though the movie has no narrative voice, it will still show you a good play of images.


What kind of risks did the movie take?

I believe that the director of the movie thinks that they should focus more on Tris’ inner struggle to forgive herself, so many parts of the book is removed. I was actually sad and happy to see this movie. Happy, because duh! It’s Insurgent. Sad because this is the book where my favorite character is going to die, but he doesn’t even exist in the movie. The focus now is more on Tris, so throw away your list of favorite scenes in the book, because none of them may appear. And by doing so, you will enjoy the movies.


How to help other enjoy the movie more?

This is ver simple. Let’s divide this category into two– a.) People who have read the book and b.) People who have not read the book 

People who have read the book– absorb the movie like a new experience. Do not enter the theater with a mindset “I am excited to see this part and that part,” because you will only disappoint yourself. Instead, enter the theater while telling yourself, “I am excited how the simulations will materialize in front of me.” Trust me, those simulations are the bomb!

People who have not read the book– I watch movies too with people who have not read the book, and yes, they do love asking questions. So if you have not read the book, and some scenes confuse you, don’t ask you book nerd friends. They might be confused too, because there are many parts in the movie that is very unfamiliar to us.


What is so smart about the movie? 

The factions of Candor and Amity were unexplored in the first movie, but now, Insurgent gave a tiny glimpse of them. You’ll see the truth serum in action and how Amity members are peaceful people. However, that’s about it. Amity has so many unique qualities in the book. The book really explored Amity, but in the movie, it is just a glimpse.


What I think about the movie: 

There were many times that my left eyebrow was arching during the movie, because from time to time my brain kept saying “we’re in this part already? I guess they skip the (insert good scene in the book here) part.” The mystery of the box kept me flipping the pages of the book, but that feeling is missing in the movie. Again, the focus is Tris’ inner struggle to forgive herself or to be achieve Amity. And again too, I was not expecting the simulation to be that good, and the action scenes are really beyond. The way the characters fight show unique characters.

So to wrap this up, the movie is good, but I would not really give my two thumbs up for it. Go see this movie, because it is enjoyable, but remove that bookworm inside your body first. For maximum enjoyment of the movie, try forgetting that it is a book.

Rating: 5/10 stars.       


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