Girl Power = YA Novels: The Real Reason Why I Love YA Novels

Every time someone would ask me why I love Young Adult novels, I feel like I always need to pull a script and say “YA novels deal with the theme about the biggest transition of life– childhood to adulthood.” It’s not even an original answer from me. I got it from a YA author. The borrowed words tasted like a cardboard box on my tongue. A couple of days ago, after I dig a little deeper in my life, I found an answer why I love YA novels. The experience made me realize that I was born to love Young Adult novels. Why? To answer that, I need to tell you about myself. I grew up as the only guy in the house: 2 sisters (1 younger and 1 older), my mom, then my grandmother. I have a father, but he used to be a professional athlete where he was required to train all day. I would not even see him go home, for I was already sleeping the moment he would step inside our house. We were a happy family, but not perfect. We had to deal with financial problems, misunderstandings from one another, and so on. Even though I grew up seeing in the media that women are supposed to cry and wait to be rescued, the way my family dealt with problems kept me out of that box. The women in my family were the image of strength. My mother was not only the chef of the house, but also our repairman. She had been breaking gender stereotypes from the very beginning. My two sisters were my armor from bullies in school; they also dominated the school academically. They showed me that women are smart. My grandmother was the picture of determination. She taught me crying could be the fuel of strength. As I become aware of the realities of the world– the way the world view women, I become very protective of my family. I know how our society see women are very wrong. The evidence can be found in our house. I want to change the world, and I know I can. Now, Young Adult novels have the same mission. They are showing how women are just as powerful as men. YA novels show that women still cry, but those tears become their power to fight what they believe in. YA novels are turning the world into a better place where “throw like a girl” is one of the best compliments you’ll get. So if someone asks me why I love Young Adult novels a lot, my answer is simple–

“Young Adult novels see the world in a way I see it– better and powerful”   


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