Reading Time = Gold: How To Find Reading Time on A Super Busy Schedule

“How do you find the time to read?” 

I would be a billionaire by now if I get paid a penny every time I hear that. I am a full-time student, a part-time bookseller at Barnes & Noble, and I still love my social life. 

But trust me, I still find to read. How do I do that? 

We don’t know that there are many times that are perfect for reading. Once, however, we become aware of when those reading times are, you will  reading again like a wild man. 

Before everything else, I must say to go back on track of reading faster, eReaders are your friend. And you don’t need an eReader to take advantage of the digital age; the eReader apps (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, etc.) are free. Grab your tablet or smartphone and get those apps. Remember: if you don’t like eReaders, you can still follow my tips with the use of paper books  (Trust me, I still prefer paper books). 

1. After you wake up 


Sleep is really hard to find if you are a busy person so cherishing every minute of it is very crucial. However, waking up 15-30 minutes early is very worth it. Remember we love reading, and for love to happen, a little bit of sacrifice is necessary. You might be a bit cranky, but once you see whether Harry will catch that Golden Snitch to win the quidditch tournament against Slytherin is totally worth it. 

2. Make commuting your best friend

Whether you drive or not, going to work, school, or basically just anywhere can quench your bookworm thirst. 

If you drive: set a solid time when you are going to leave the house. For example, if you leave at exactly 8:00am, and you are done with all your morning routine at 7:45am, steal that 15 minutes; you can read 5-8 pages with that time. Just be aware of the time. Remember, reading can absorb you.– who wants to be late? Make looking at your watch every 2 pages a habit.

If you don’t drive:  you have two options. 

  • If you carpool, take advantage of this. Read along the way. If there’s only two of you inside the car, tell your driver friend that you are going to read (opening your book instantly is not a good behavior). If there is more than 2 inside the car, still tell your friends. 
  • If you take public transportation (train, bus, cab): it means you are going to have a lot of time to read. Public transportation is your friend. You can read without any disturbance. Just be aware, so you won’t miss your stop. Make looking where you are every two pages. 

3. While waiting for your next class/shift to start


Traffic varies everyday. Classes sometimes end a little bit early. Once you claim your favorite seat for your next class, open that tablet or book and read a couple of pages. There’s 10 minutes left before your shift starts? That is a gift; take advantage of it. It is not much, but hey let’s take what we can get. 

4. Eat & Read

Take advantage of your tablets’ or eReaders’ stand. Eating is relaxing, but guess what– so is reading. We eat at least three times a day. If your average eating time is about 10 minutes, then that is 3×10= 30 minutes. Woah. That is a chapter. 

5. Before you sleep

We already know that reading is relaxing. I always find myself waking up super great when I read before sleeping. What I do is I read until I can’t take it anymore. However, I still set a limit. If it is already 12:00am, I will go to sleep with the chapter finish or unfinish. 

There are many times that are perfect for reading, and we always take it for granted. Oen your eyes. Take advantage of them.   




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