Trending #Hate For Books: Origin of Hate Towards Some YA Books

There are authors that I dislike so much I don’t understand how some people love them. If you were in my shoes, you would ask yourselves “why do they love her?” However, that is not the question I ask myself whenever I see someone screaming like a hypnotized slave over some author I don’t like. I ask “what did they see from her novels (that I did not see) to make them feel this way?” I am the kind of person who will tell you what I don’t like about a novel. I will give you details about the author’s writing style, pacing, character development, plot, and so on to explain why I feel this way. This attitude of mine is the reason I am devastated whenever I see book reviews or opinions that goes this way: 
I hate that BOOK!! It’s so gay! 
Vampires don’t twinkle! That is freaking faggot of a move.
I consider myself a crazy obsess fanboy, but unlike a normal fanboy, that kind of book review or opinion is not the same as a declaration of war from my point of view. I now see it as something that haters do to go with the hashtag (#). And that is the trending #HATE. When something becomes trending, that something becomes a norm in just a snap. And when the trend is hate, someone who goes against that hashtag becomes someone who is trying to defy gravity to people who obeys the hashtag.   
Ms. Stephenie Meyer‘s The Twilight Saga is the perfect example of what novel receives this kind of hatred. As a big fan of The Twilight Saga, some people see me as one of the biggest targets to be bombarded with all their words made out of blades. It’s has put a lot of weight on my shoulders from the start, but things has changed as I see through their facade of hate. The following conversations I am going to show are all true. I am not gonna reveal their names for the sake of their privacy. 
ME: I understand. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion whether it is positive or negative. But tell me. Why do you hate Twilight
CLASSMATE: It’s so gay. 
ME: That’s not really telling me anything. Tell what you don’t like about the book? Do you hate the way she describes the setting or does Bella’s voice annoys you? Anything. Tell me. I am not gonna get mad. I only want to understand. 
CLASSMATE: I haven’t read it. And I have no plans on either reading it or seeing the movie. 
ME: You hate it even though you haven’t read the books? 
CLASSMATE: Everybody hates it. I don’t understand why you love it. 
COWORKER 1: Even if you pay me I am not gonna read Twilight.  
COWORKER 2: Me too. *He looks at me* I respect you and I like you, but there is no way I am going to read Twilight
ME: But you can’t hate it because you haven’t read it. 
COWORKER 3: That is true though. 
Those conversations paint the picture of what kind of world do we have right now. We are in a society that hashtags tell us what to love or not to love. What is cool and what is not. At first, I thought everybody is like Tris from ms. Veronica Roth‘s Divergent— we can’t be controlled, but now people’s opinions are now affected by this tiny symbol #. 
I love what I love. As long as I am not hurting anybody, I will continue to love them. I am a person whose opinion varies. If I dislike something, I’ll tell you like a critic as professional as possible why. There is a difference between bashing and giving an opinion. 
My advice to all readers out there. Don’t let anybody tell you what books you can or can’t love. Be Divergent. Don’t let anyone control you, especially if it something as pathetic as a symbol with nothing but two vertical and horizontal lines.
Note: This blog post might be familiar with you, because it is from my old blog.
Books Mentioned:

Twilight by Ms. Stephenie Meyer

Divergent by Ms. Veronica Roth

Divergent by Ms. Veronica Roth


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