The Book Fest Therapy: How Book Festivals Can be Very Good For You

Summer, a time where new YA releases hit shelves faster than the speed of light, is not here yet, but YA fans are already on fire– pumped up. This March 21, 2015 on Ontario, California. The Colony High Branch Library will be flooded by our beloved authors like Jessica Brody, Claudia Gray, Jessica Khoury, and many more. It is cliché to say that we, fans, are very excited to meet our beloved authors. The people who are responsible for meeting the lovely world we’ve devoured will be within our grasp. However, there are more reasons why as YA fans we need to attend this kind of event. 



The fact that there are still people who look down on YA still exist is very sad. We can wave our fandom flag proudly, but YA haters are still out there. This is the reason sometimes we feel bullied and lonely (isn’t that why we love books? because they rescue us from the dark?). With YA book fests, those kind of feelings do not exist. Anywhere you look, fans are there with their arms open for you. If you mention you love Twilight, people will not give you disgusted looks, an explosion of fandomness is to be expected instead. YA book fests are worlds where haters don’t exist. 



Because of Festival of Books in USC, I become a very big fan of Ms. Morgan Matson and Ms. Robin Benway. Going to bookstores or libraries are fine, but trust me, booksellers sometimes lie and only recommend the books that are on hype. In book fests, the authors themselves will convince you to read other books that are still unknown to you. It is like tapping an undiscovered realm. And trust me, nothing can beat the feeling of reading a very good book before it becomes very famous. 


giphy-2 Book fests tend to be on the weekends. Homework? Annoying house chores? You can forget about them for awhile. We read books to escape reality, but being in a book fests will make you escape reality while keeping one foot on reality. So if I were you, I will go to Ontario Book Fest this coming March 21. Below is the information of how to get there and authors (you already a big fan of and you will probably love) that are going there. 


Event Info:

Where: Colony High Branch Library
3850 E. Riverside Drive, Ontario, California  91761

Time: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Authors that are going:


Books Mentioned:



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