5 Problems Readers Encounter While Watching a Movie With a Non-Reader


Yes, it’s true. We, readers, can sometimes be a big pain in the ass to non-readers when watching book to movie adaptations, but this is our turn to give our side of the story. Non-readers can sometimes push our buttons too while watching movies. Here are 5 problems we encounter with non-readers while inside the theater. 

1. They don’t understand our fandom. 

giphyRemember the day you brought your non-reader friend to see the premiere of The Hunger Games? After he saw how every girl are wearing the same Katniss braids and how the guys whistle the mockingjay call while on the line, he calls them freaks? The nerve! Don’t forget the time he rolled his eyes when they announced it’s time to go inside the theater and we all whooped in excitement. Most non-readers tend to not understand our fandom and how we are one big family because we could connect using our fandom knowledge. All non-readers know is that boring is normal. We live in a very cool world. We’ve experienced life in Panem through Katniss’s eyes. The movie is one way to get same experience over again, but our non-reader friends just see our fandom some just freak show. 

2. You Cringe When You See Them Missing a Very Important Part. 

giphy-2Finally, the part where Marcus Eaton is calling Four Tobias Eaton is now on the screen. What is your friend doing? TEXTING! You just sit there chanting like Elsa “Conceal. Don’t feel.” You know he’s just gonna be confuse later, that’s gonna ruin the whole movie experience. When will he do is he doesn’t understand what is going on in the movie? That leads to our 3rd problem.

3. They Ask A Lot of Questions.

giphy-1Because they miss the important part, you know what they will do when the big reveal happens– they will ask questions! And sometimes they jump ahead of the plot and ask you questions. “Is Four Divergent too?” “Why is Johanna helping Katniss?” “It’s a sad ending because Hazel will die, huh? I’m right, huh?” To answer those kind of questions, you need to give spoilers. Even though the theater is full of readers, when you get out of the theater, they are ready to burn you at stake. 

4. They Get You into Trouble for Talking. 

So you decide to finally answer your friend’s questions, so he would shut up. But on the process people will shoot you shush from different directions. And you’re like


5. They Judge The Book By Its Movie. 

Let’s face it; the book will always be better than the movie, but non-readers sometimes see that the movie is also the book. They don’t know that no matter how faithful the book is to the movie, the screen will not give the very essence why you’ve fallen in love with the book. If the movie is a bad adaptation, and then your friend exits the theater saying, “That movie sucks. That book is really not written well. The author needs some work to do.” So you just give them a death glare and be like


You think us, readers, give non-readers a hard time inside the theater? I don’t think so. They have the powers to turn us into Incredible Hulks because of what we experience with them. 

Books Mentioned:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins



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